Time . . . it is a coveted item. It takes time to build a stick-together through thick and thin marriage. Time . . . and the right tools. What kind of marriage do you want? Do you even know? Wht kind of partner are you looking for? Do you have a mental picture in mind, or do you believe you'll know him when you see him? Have you got a plan, or are you waiting for alove arrow to hit you between the eyes? These and many more questions are part of the priorities, characteristics, and compatibility qualities you'll find described in this book. Any builder knows that a house that will stand the test of time must hae a good foundation. That's what you'll need, a solid foundation on which you can build the marriage of your dreams. Whether you've never dated, are dating, or are already married, these principles, strategies, and tools can help you form your marriage into a lasting, rewarding relationship. God has already figured it out. All you need to do is! follow His blueprint.

What To Do Before You Say I do